How to choose the right swimsuit?

Morphology, shapes: everything you need to know!

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Which swimsuit for a « A Â» bodyshape?

Women with a « A » body shape have a thin bust and full hip. The idea would be to draw the eyes to the chest or the legs.


For the top , highlight your chest and go for a triangle bikini top, bandeau or push-up that will bring volume to your chest.

For the bottom, hiding your hips: no way! Go for a high-cut panty. The idea is to refine and lengthen the legs.

Avoid: shorts and high-waist panties. If we tend to choose these kinds of shapes when we are size+, instead of hiding your “imperfections”, you will be adding more volume to the hips. Also avoid ruffles and horizontal lines for the bottom.

Which swimsuit for an « H Â» bodyshape?

Women with an « H » body shape have a low waist, with hips and shoulders aligned. To find a swimsuit that suits this type of body type, you will need a bikini that slims the waist and reshapes your curves.


For the top, d, give volume to your chest: opt for a push-up swimsuit.

For the bottom, mark your size and opt for swim shorts or a nice high-waist panty.Retro and trendy, this will strongly mark your waist and highlight your femininity. The ruffled panties will also allow you to draw your shape.

Avoid: square necklines and horizontal stripes

Which swimsuit for an « V Â» bodyshape?

Women with a « V » shape have square shoulders and slender hips. The objective is therefore to focus on the bottom.


For the top, reduce the width of your shoulders and choose v-necklines and triangles tied at the neck.

For the bottom, boost the volume of your glutes to rebalance the silhouette and go for low-waisted panties or shorts. Opt for pretty prints, ruffles, or bows: take advantage, you are lucky to be able to overdo it!

Avoid: square necklines and straight straps which would give you even more stature.

Which swimsuit for an « X Â» bodyshape?

If you are a woman with an « X » or « 8 » body type, you have a waist clearly defined with chest and hips aligned. Do you know which swimsuit to wear according to your body type? Any of them! You can afford anything!

Our morpho advice

For the top, you have the choice! The triangle, always trendy and ideal if you are thin. You can also choose a padded bra that will highlight your breasts. The bandeau, on the other hand, allows you to tan without the mark of the straps. For more generous breasts, choose a full-length model, with underwire.

For the bottom, make yourself dizzying legs with high-cut panties!

The different shapes of swimsuits

What are the different shapes of swimsuits and how to choose?

Bandeau swimsui

Bandeau swimsuit

A and X body shape

Triangle swimsuit

Triangle swimsuit

A, V, H and X body shape

Push up swimsuit

Push up swimsuit

A, H and X body shape

Balconette swimsuit

Balconette swimsuit

H, V and X body shape

High cut swimsuit

High cut swimsuit

A, V, X and H body shape

Shorty swimsuit

Shorty swimsuit

H, V and X Body shape