4 activities for your kids to discover at Kiabi The Point !


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activities for kids

From 10th till 17th September

Brick Creations

10th September - 11 am till 3pm

Create and build your mosaics of bricks and Be Creative with the Spin Art machine! Stimulate your child's imagination and creativity. Excite them by having them engaged in a hands on workshop where they get to build their own character mosaics with lego. They can also opt to use the spin art activity, this is a fast spinning motor which is mechanical lego that spins paper circles on a flat surface where you can use pens to create your own "spin art" creations

Ages 3-10

Colour your Feelings on an Organic T-shirt

13th September – 3pm till 7pm

Knowing how you feel and what you feel is important, mindfulness creates that awareness. Immersing yourselves into creative activities can help you enhance your focus, concentration and get you into a happy zone. Join us for an activity that talks about your children’s emotions and feelings, whilst they colour their emotions on an KIABI organic t shirt. You also get to take your emotions and your organic t shirt home.

Age 3-16

Make your own Robot MOVE!  

15th September – 3pm till 7pm

Learn how to create a simple code of movement with some awesome robot friends. A fun and engaging introduction to new coding concepts awaits them ! Your child will first get to know about the robots capabilities and the type of sensors it holds. Once we made the introduction , your child will learn how to create a simple code of movement that Qobo robot must follows. Each child will enjoy the challenge of getting the right sequence that will eventually get Qobo to run and even solve a puzzle code!

Ages 3-7

Rocking Cardboard Construction  

17th September – 11am till 3pm

Teaching our children to REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE and CREATE is what this activity is all about. This activity will involve recycled cardboard boxes and with the help of an awesome cardboard construction kit Makedo, all the kids will be part of creating a Large and Fantastic Cardboard Play House! Build your own toys, your own house or creations, of any size or form with one of the most recycled materials on the planet!

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