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How to measure your bra size?

To know your bra size, you first need to correctly measure your chest. It only takes 3 simple steps:

1 - Measure your bust.

To measure your bust, place a tape measure under your chest. Go around your back loosely. The tape should just be on and let you breathe.

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2 - Measure your chest.

To measure your chest, place the tape on the breasts. Go around your back, passing under the armpits.

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3 - Check the Kiabi sizes chart to know yours

The sizes are given for information and may vary depending on the desired comfort.
To check the size chart

The different shapes of bra

Which are the different styles of bras and how to choose the desired ones?

Bandeau bras

Bandeau bras

What is a bandeau bra?

The bandeau bra is particularly adapted for low-cut outfits at the shoulders and back. Light and discrete, this bra is perfect for a high cut top or a strapless dress.

Tips: if your chest is above C, you may go for a version with underwire and more interlocking, for a better chest support.

Demi cup bras

Demi cup bras

What is a demi cup bra?

The main function of this bra is to maintain the chest. With or without the removable cup, it can be interlocking while giving the chest a natural curve.

Tip: the demi cup bra is more suitable for larger chests, up to size G.



What is a bralette?

A bralette is characterized by its triangle shape, offering a deep neckline, and combining comfort and femininity. Generally, without an underwire, sometimes with a removable cup to give a natural maintain.

Tip: the bralette is more suitable to a smaller chest .

 Racerback bras

What is a racerback bra?

The racerback bra gives a dipped back and trendy look and ideal to be worn under a tank top

Le soutien-gorge dos nageur dispose d’un dos échancré très tendance et particulièrement adapté sous un débardeur.

Tip: it fits every chest with or without an underwire.



What is a bodysuit?

Le body est un sous-vêtement une pièce portée près du corps. C’est une pièce jolie et délicatement sexy devenue un incontournable dans nos tiroirs de lingerie.

Conseil : Le body sans armature offre un confort maximal alors que celui avec armature mettra en valeur votre décolleté.

We also have…

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Maternity bra

The pregnancy and breastfeeding bra is designed to the size changes that the breasts undergo during pregnancy. Most of the time, it has a cotton lining and usually without underwire. It provides a good support for the chest, while remaining soft and comfortable.

The breastfeeding bra: The hooks on the cups provides a fast and easy access to breastfeed the baby.

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Facts to consider when choosing a post-surgery bra.

  • Soft support for the sensitive chest.
  • No underwire for comfort, with a cut designed for support.
  • A discreet slit to slip a breast prosthesis.
  • Front opening cups to make it easier to put on.

Our post-operative bra collection offers feminine and comfortable reliable bras, during and after your breast operation.