The Kiabi success story

In 1978 near Lille in France, KIABI revolutionised French off-the-rack clothing by inventing the very first concept of low-cost fashion for the whole family. Today, our small northern French brand has become an international group with a presence across all continents: our signature 'French touch' has already won over millions of customers who love its fun, colourful fashion with the feel-good factor: good for the spirits as well as the figure! Welcome to the Kiabi (happy) success story.

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Kiabi success story

and services with a positive impact

« Everyone has a right to fashion » is Kiabi's motto. As a pioneer of low cost fashion for all families, Kiabi believes its colourful fashion should cater for all budgets, styles, occasions, body shapes and unique features.

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Human first


Our « human capital » is now one of the essential components of KIABI's success. As a Great Place To Work for the past 10 years, KIABI ensures that all KIABERS – employees, partners and suppliers – can flourish and grow, whilst enjoying a unique experience to boost their performance.

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Kiabi Human Programme

Our Kiabi Human CSR program has one aim :
« To provide fashion for everyone, for the common good and for life ».

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