Our forthegood kiabi human

From the concept to their recycling, our collections go into sustainable mode. While our products do not yet claim to be exemplary, we are making significant progress to make fashion more responsible, and to promise 100% of more sustainable raw materials by 2025.

In numbers

  • 2021: 80% of our baby collection is eco-designed
  • In 2021: 10 million denim pieces will be eco- washed which reduces the use of chemicals and water.
  • By 2023: 50% or more than 5 million jeans items will be made on a circular pattern.
  • In 2025, 30% of the supply will be made from recycled materials. We are also developing the use of flax, hemp and lyocell, which require less water.

Our basics are becoming sustainable, our fashion products recyclable, in carbon-free materials, consuming less water and more respectful of the soil. With the entire store network, focus on collection and recycling! Our ambition: to create yarn from production scraps, used clothing or to imagine other products in textile fibers.

Our forthegood kiabi human
Our forthegood kiabi human

Supporting our customers towards more responsible consumption

To encourage our customers to be more active in a sustainable fashion, we are using instore signage that invites them to wash garments using less hot water and a flat dry . A small daily practice that costs less for clients and our planet.
We promise to deliver our collections all year round at great prices while educating our clients.
In 2020, we decided to convert Black Friday into a joint operation in France and internationally: Good Friday. Thanks to our customers, we had offered 200,000 meals for the Restos du Coeur in France and € 78,000 for local associations in Russia, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium.


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