Our forpeople Kiabi Human

Our fashion is designed for everyone, accessible to all styles, all body types, all budgets, and all occasions.

More than a trend, it is a state of mind, and concrete actions to reduce inequalities, wherever we are located. Today, and even more tomorrow, our fashion is inclusive and creative.

Our French stylists design fun and colourful collections, just to put a smile on those who produce them, as well as those who wear them, all over the world. “Doing better for the planet” is at the heart of all our decisions, from small actions to the structuring project of tomorrow.

Our forpeople Kiabi Human
Our forpeople Kiabi Human

A company that listens

With KIABI HUMAN, we are more committed than ever to people. We always ensure the development of our employees, prepare our teams for the jobs of tomorrow and place inclusion and diversity at the heart of all our efforts. And to become the preferred brand of customers and Kiabers. We measure the satisfaction of our employees and of our customers through a barometer. In complete anonymity and on an ongoing basis, each KIABER can express their level of satisfaction and make recommendations regarding their company.

Happy KIABER barometer

  • 16729 reviews collected
  • 83% of respondents are satisfied with working at KIABI.
  • 88% of respondents consider their professional / personal balance to be good.
  • 89% of respondents say that they receive continuous support from their leader.
Our forpeople Kiabi Human
Our forpeople Kiabi Human

Caring for the KIABER community

This year more than ever, taking care of everyone has become obvious. The health and safety of our employees, customers and all our stakeholders were one of our major and daily concerns.

Within the legal framework and often beyond, we train the Kiabers on the themes of health, safety and the risks associated with physical activity to reduce the frequency and duration of work accidents.

We pay great attention to all quality feedback sent to us in store or to customer service. Any report of a product failure that could affect health or safety is relayed directly to our quality assurance department, accompanied by a description and a photo. Action on the case is taken within 24 hours.

Fashion with heart

Over the whole of 2020, the combined actions of Kiabi, globally or locally, and the Foundation made it possible to act even more effectively. A look back at some key figures and initiatives ...

Our forpeople Kiabi Human


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