The Kiabi success story

La success story Kiabi

In 1978, near Lille in France, KIABI revolutionised French off-the-rack clothing by inventing the very first concept of low-cost fashion for the whole family.

Today, our small northern French brand has become an international group with a presence across all continents: our signature 'French touch' has already won over millions of customers who love its fun, colourful fashion with the feel-good factor.

Welcome to the Kiabi happy success story.

Notre pourlebien Kiabi Human
Notre pourlebien Kiabi Human

Kiabi: the favourite brand of families everywhere

Although Kiabi symbolises low-cost off-the-rack clothing that is convenient for families everywhere, the brand now also embodies positive, creative and decidedly fashionable clothing without taking itself too seriously

Fashion for all and more importantly fashion for each and every one, synonymous with "pleasure" and being "colourful" !

Imagined by our in-house designers, our collections convey the current zeitgeist and draw their inspiration from the catwalks. Enriched with Kiabi’s French touch, they shake up preconceived ideas: more than fashion, this is a state of mind!

› KIABI says yes to feel-good, body-positive fashion

Here at KIABI, size is not an issue when it comes to fashion. Our collections are designed for all body shapes, for women as well as men, and also for children. Our offer starts at tiny premature babies right up to size 6XL. Our collections are also designed to suit all body shapes. In the future, 20% of our adult collections will be plus sizes

› KIABI says yes to non-standard fashion

Since 2015, Kiabi has been developing fashion collections devoted to children and adults with disabilities, and a range of post-operative lingerie for women affected by breast cancer. Lovely-looking clothes with invisible technical features that remain as affordable as ever!

› KIABI gives everyone the power to choose

The quest for low prices is in our genes. All our teams are aware of this challenge, right from the initial design of an item. Very demanding in terms of the quality of materials, styles and finishes, our stylists concentrate their efforts on product engineering: in other words, intelligently interpreting fashionable details to bring down production costs and therefore the final selling price. Any examples? In order to gain several dozen euro cents per piece, we have standardised all the pockets on the millions of pairs of jeans we sell each year. The brand offers customers the best value for money and level of fashion. A permanent challenge for all Kiabi teams!

The Kiabi spirit across the world

KIABI's fun & colourful fashion is spreading worldwide! Present in 18 countries via its network of stores and 25 countries via its website, Kiabi challenges the leaders of the fashion planet in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With a store concept at the cutting edge of new trends, Kiabi stores are becoming Kiaber community hubs. A 'human-first' experience!

Notre pourlebien Kiabi Human

Did you know ?

KIABI means
“Qui habille”​ (which dresses)

The kiabi story

The kiabi story

  • 1978 : KIABI is created
  • 1993 : International expansion!
  • 2000 : KIABI on the web
  • 2016 : KIABI becomes a fashion designer
  • 2017 : KIABI adopts a new tagline: "Happiness looks good on you"
  • 2019 : Launch of the KIABI HUMAN programme
  • 2021 : Launch of our Vision 2030
  • 2021 : Launch of our new brand creative concept: Kiabi says Yes!

Kiabi Today

  • 1, 692 Mds € in 2020
  • 9185 Kiabers worldwide
  • over 80% of employees feel pride in belonging to the brand
  • Voted France's favourite fashion brand in 2019
  • 510 stores worldwide covering 18 countriess
  • 25 countries served by
Kiabi Today