Human first

We look for people
qwho are prepared to take up current and future challenges,
dto continue to make KIABI a great company to work for.
Do you want to serve our customers in another way? Marketing, Collections, Web, Logistics, Data, Finance & Administration or HR could be for you. As you can see, there is an endless variety of opportunities!

Join us ! â€ș

Our « human capital » is now one of the essential components of KIABI's success.

As a Great Place To Work for the past 10 years, KIABI ensures that all KIABERS – employees, partners and suppliers – can flourish and grow, whilst enjoying a unique experience to boost their performance.

This uniqueness within the realm of ready-to-wear clothing hinges on 4 key factors:

  • A clear "family-based" policy inspired by the things that make us a family: forming strong bonds, independence, responsibility, etc.
  • Strong societal commitment wherever we operate, to constantly improve inclusion and diversity
  • With particular emphasis on our "craziest ideas", a unique way to think out of the box
Human first
Human first

One common goal and culture

Our mission: "To make life easier for families by working together to build responsible fashion and sustainable solutions "

Our aim: To work together to make KIABI the most-loved brand for families all over the world!

The values that drive us:

  • Being passionate about our customers
  • Being passionate about our customers
  • Being passionate about our customers
  • A taste for entrepreneurialism
  • A sense of performance

KIABI: a family of committed citizens

When you join KIABI, you become part of a company that upholds family values. We support families, however diverse: trust, solidarity, bonds, openness, well-being, interaction, education, transparency, attentiveness, safety and balance. Symbolising diversity, the community of Kiabers is open to its ecosystem and is committed to creating a positive impact within its ecosystem on a daily basis, through our CSR programme, our Foundation and our unique customer relationships. Within the KIABI family, we celebrate each and every success and victory, however big or small.

Human first
Human first

KIABI: an agile, international company made up of entrepreneurs

Agility is at the heart of the company's organisation. KIABI teams are efficient and customer-centric, meaning they can implement simple, quick processes to bring families the best possible service. For KIABI, its aims revolve around innovation and creativity. Flexible and responsible, and much more than just employees, Kiabers are independent and responsible entrepreneurs and shareholders.

KIABERS in key figures

  • 9,185 KIABERS in 18 countries
  • Average age of 33
  • 83 nationalities
  • 82% women
  • 5% of capital owned by KIABERS
  • Every year, 230 work placement students of whom 40% sign a permanent contract
Human first
Human first

KIABI: Talents and skills that drive performance

To bring our Vision to fruition, we draw on new talents and develop our Kiabers' skills. We ensure that each employee is actively involved in developing their career, by offering training courses to suit each person's needs and preferences and encouraging constant learning.

Our goal?
One of our priorities is also to help young people, train them for future roles and support them by passing on our expertise.

This is why we work with elite colleges to build courses aimed at training empowering managers who support teams by developing their independence and ability to be proactive and confident in making decisions. Like all our Kiabers, our young talents grow within an environment that combines initiative, independence, innovation and teamwork with consideration and high standards