and services with a positive impact

fashion and services with a positive impact

« Everyone has a right to fashion' » is Kiabi's motto. As a pioneer of low cost fashion for all families, Kiabi believes its colourful fashion should cater for all budgets, styles, occasions, body shapes and unique features.

fashion and services with a positive impact
fashion and services with a positive impact

The Kiabi Trends Lab

Its aim is to be an in-house design agency that detects, formalises and communicates the trends for our forthcoming collections. Thanks to the stylists who work specifically for the Trends Lab, Kiabi is constantly on the lookout for developments in socio-fashion, art and fashion microphenomena which will eventually develop into trends.

Creating fashion with a positive impact: behind the scenes

Why not invent the business model of the future? We are moving towards fashion that is more responsible and sustainable, and more 100% circular in particular. We are clearly setting out our ambitions in terms of eco-design: 100% of our raw materials will be eco-designed by 2025, rather than by 2030. At the same time, we are developing new concepts to promote our circular model.

More sustainable raw materials

Kiabi is developing a range of organic cotton products. From the maternity kit to T-shirts for babies and children starting at €3, not forgetting capsule collections for adults, over 29 million pieces have been designed in organic or organic blend cotton for summer 2020, whilst retaining Kiabi's core value: ”Low cost fashion”.

Greener processes

We are working with our suppliers to promote long-term objectives, to help them invest in new processes that are more respectful of humankind and the environment. Any examples? All the Women's and Men's denim are laser-washed, saving 10 litres of water and reducing the amount of chemical substances by 22g for each product.

fashion and services with a positive impact
fashion and services with a positive impact

Yes, you CAN have low cost fashion that's sustainable!

From product design to recycling, our collections are becoming sustainable. This doesn't just mean offering products made from eco-designed materials. It's also about working on improving the design chain in general: which materials we choose and the impact of design on their use, reducing fabric waste as much as possible, and the way we communicate with our partner suppliers.

Behind the scenes, our stylists and designers create all our collections from our French headquarters, with expert assistance in certain problem areas.

Choosing fashion to blow you away rather than throw away: KIABI says yes to that!

Second Hand by Kiabi: a unique cross-channel model

We are moving towards a circular model by launching our website and opening our second hand corners in France and abroad. We are promoting our unique cross-channel model by offering easy access to second hand items, digitally or in person. You can get rid of your clothing, regardless of its brand, and buy second hand items online. And as an incentive, both buyer and seller are rewarded with vouchers valid in a KIABI store or in the e-shop.

The ”Extending the happiness” workshop

Would you like to repair, customise or personalise your clothes? Our 'Extending the happiness' workshop service helps you be a more responsible consumer. Let your creativity run wild in this DIY space, giving the favourite pieces in your wardrobe a new lease of life!

Collecting, donating and recycling with Le Relais

Collect loyalty points by taking part in our collections of clothes, shoes and household linen in our stores with the help of our Le Relais partner.

fashion and services with a positive impact
fashion and services with a positive impact

The KIABI shopping experience

Kiabi: a local retailer

With a model tailored for international and a constantly changing distribution concept, we are testing new services and unprecedented formats for a unique and exciting shopping experience designed to suit our local customers

To stay ahead, Kiabi is drawing on its R&D cell, Shopping into the Future, that pinpoints agile changes in the business model both in the short and long term. An innovative approach that puts the customer's needs and consumer habits at the heart of our future business aims.

A range of services to make our customers' lives easier

We are accelerating the development of our services that make life easier for families. E-reservation, in-store pick-up for web orders within 4 hours, home delivery by appointment, click and drive: our extensive range of innovative services is part of the drive to digitalise our model for a new and unique shopping experience.

A seamless shopping experience

We are constantly improving our trail-blazing cross-channel concept. The objectives are to streamline, enrich and simplify the customer's cross-channel experience to guide them towards a seamless phygital model. Self check-out, easier online and in-store payments: shopping has never been so fun and fast!

Improving the customer journey

In our 510 stores worldwide, we are developing new shopping experiences to promote our circular model and enhance the customer experience. Customisation, donations, recycling, the development of a unique cross-channel second hand platform: we are guiding our customers towards a new type of consumerism. We also bring them offers to complement our textile expertise through the shop-in-shop concepts. ns dans le Monde, nous développons de nouvelles expériences shopping pour favoriser la circularité de notre modèle et enrichir l’expérience client. Customisation, dons, recyclage, développement d’une offre unique de seconde main en cross-canal, nous guidons nos clients vers une nouvelle manière de consommer. Nous leur proposons également des offres complémentaires à notre savoir-faire textile grâce aux shop in shop.

KIABI: at the very heart of its ecosystem

Whether it's as a corner in a new concept store or a partnership with a local business such as La Manufacture de Layette, KIABI is at the very heart of its local ecosystem all over the world through partnerships with start-ups or local businesses.